allows you to join ONE Club near to your Home.


    Lets you visit any one of Horizon Fitness nationwide. It’s the ideal choice if you live life on the go need to keep your option open. Fitness club already operational.


  • Platinum Membership
    • Free Usage of Current and New Locations will open in the future.
    • No Registration Fee.
    • Free 60 days Freeze Membership.
    • Free 5 Personal Training session.
    • Free 5 Stretch Session.
    • Free Monthly Measurement.
    • Free 2 Body Analysis Assessments.
    • Free 2 Water per visit.
    • Free 2 Towel per visit.
    • 10% discount of ONE : ONE & Slimming Service.
    • You don’t have present your membership card.


  • Why Corporate Wellness?
    • 1.5 million Employees spend half of their waking hours at work.
    • Backaches account for 91 million days of lost work per year.
    • Stressed employees have higher rates of absenteeism, accidents, illnesses, and productivity errors.
    • The employee’s workforce is aging and experiencing more health-related issues.
    • Horizon Corporate Membership access All Operational and Non operation locations.
    • Zero (0) Registration Fee.
    • Zero (0) Upgrade Fee.
    • 10% Discount of Fitness and Slimming services.
    Benefits for Companies?
    • Improved employee fitness and productivity.
    • Improved company image.
    • Improved customer service.
    • Increased job satisfaction.
    • Greater profits.
    • Positive return on your investment.
    • Enhanced morale.
    • Reduced absenteeism and disability time.
    • Reduced employee turnover.
     Benefits for Employees?
    • Improved quality of life.
    • Increased energy levels and concentration.
    • Reduction of stress and physical and mental strain.
    • Improved self-confidence and self-image.
    • Improved level of endurance and strength.
    • Reduction of health risk factors.
    • Reduction of stress and physical and mental strain.
    • Savings via discounted rate.

    If you would like to view your company’s membership options* or

    to enroll, please follow click HERE and complete the form to get started.